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3 Sport is a web based subscription service for Multi-Sport athletes with video training and a platform to contact our coaches.

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“It’s Easier To Learn A New Concept Than To Unlearn A Bad One”

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Fundamental Sports Training to Improve Your Skills

Maximize your athletic potential with our expert training in basketball, volleyball, basketball, and football from our expert coaches.

College Level Coaches

Bring out the best athlete in you with expert training in baseball, volleyball, basketball, and football from our expert coaches.

Fundamental Training in All Sports

At 3 Sport, our belief is in the fundamental training of athletes in ALL sports. In our experiences of coaching college players, we have seen too many kids that are missing the fundamental skills to play. Our focus at 3 Sport will be to assist in coaching the basic skills so that athletes will want to play as many sports are available to them.

Suzie Fritz Pic 6
“It’s rewarding being a part of 3 Sport in the fact that we all need to do a better job of coaching fundamental skill development to our young players. That’s what 3 Sport is all about and as a subscriber you’re going to have a chance to gain those skills needed to become a better multi-sport athlete.
Suzie Fritz
Volleyball Coach at Kansas State University
Rich Wright Pic2
“We have had tremendous program success over the years by placing value on kids who played multiple sports in high school.  Those types of athletes have a higher competitive nature and we know that their skill development is further advanced because they are always working at the different skills.  3 Sport can help you with your development as a coach and an athlete.”
Rich Wright
National Championship Head Coach at Northwest Missouri State
Willie Fritz Pic

“We love to recruit student/athletes who compete in a variety of sports.  Specialization at an early age doesn’t allow development as an overall athlete and competitor.  The crew at 3 Sport will give you all you need to develop as an overall athlete.”

Willie Fritz
Head Football Coach at Tulane University
Brandon Schneider Pic
“I’m really excited to be a part of 3 Sport.  I’ve always been an advocate of the athletes playing as many sports as possible.  It’s terrific for overall development.  The skills that you learn in other sports are going to apply to your overall success.  We highly encourage that you try to play as many sports as you can.  I also think multiple sport competition is great for injury prevention.  The changing of surfaces throughout the year and the different movements can help with injury prevention and long-term health for athletes.”
Brandon Schneider
Head Women's Basketball Coach at the University of Kansas

Learn the Right Way From College Level Coaches

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We teach the fundamentals of basketball, volleyball, football, and baseball with the aim of creating well-rounded “3 sport” athletes. 3 Sport is the only professional video sport training service to provide expert coaching for so many sports in one place. Develop your core athletic skills with 3 Sport!

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