4 Reasons Kids and Teens Benefit from Playing Sports

Here at 3 Sport, we believe that playing sports improves kids’ and teens’ (adults too, actually) lives better. Every day we work to provide excellent sports education to elementary and high school students. We take a holistic perspective and aim to help shape the are students for the better. Check out the following benefits to children playing sports, as reported by the University of Missouri Health Care

Playing Sports Helps With Academic Performance

Some people think that getting good grades and being an athlete are opposed to one another, but that isn’t the case. According to the University of Missouri, the memorization required in sports transfers positively into the classroom. So, sports reinforces the necessary skills to achieve academically rather than taking time away from other subjects.

Kids Learn Problem Solving Skills from Sports

Playing a sport requires lots of problem-solving. When kids and teens get together on teams to achieve a common objective, it teaches them to think objectively and work together constructively. We can assure you that children won’t outgrow the skills learned on a baseball or football field. Team sports teach skills for a lifetime.

Involvement in Sports Can Boost Self-Esteem in Children

Practicing hard and seeing your performance improve in a team sport can be a massive boost to healthy self-esteem. Staying committed to practice teaches kids that they can achieve and be rewarded for their efforts. Plus, it never hurts to score that point and be celebrated by your whole team. Those are the moments we all remember.

Sports Help Improve Physical Health

Last but not least, playing a team sport such as baseball, volleyball, football, or basketball puts children on a path toward lifelong health. Improvements in balance, muscular development, cardiovascular, and mental health are just a few of the overall health benefits of playing a sport.

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