Welcome to 3 Sport!

We appreciate you checking in to see what we are all about. You currently are getting over a hundred training videos to learn from when you subscribe. If you subscribe to an “All Sport” plan it also gives you email access to the Resident coaches in that sport. The 3 Sport coaches will contact you about uploading your training videos for us to view and give you feedback on how good it looks.

We have heard from quite a few youth organizations about subscribing so their Coaches have an avenue to learn different drills/ideas to use at their practices. 3 Sport thinks this is a fabulous idea and we will promote that extensively. With that said, in the upcoming months, we will begin to add youth practice plans in all of our sports to help aid coaching fundamentals to kids. That’s our thing! Not elite, premiere, or 5 Star……..just fundamental training. If we can help get that done than we are excited about that.

Finally, we will be adding training to our library all of the time. If you are a yearly subscriber, you will be getting new videos to your selection at least 3 to 4 times per year. It will be from some of the top coaches in the country as well. Look forward to that!

Holler at me anytime if you need questions answered about what you are getting.

Resident Coach and Co-Founder Dave Wiemers 620-344-6191

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