Do you need help?

If you have questions, please review our frequently asked questions below for a quick answer to the most common questions. You may also send us a message with the contact form at the bottom of this page. 

Why train with 3 Sport?

You can get individual sport training at a million places, but you aren’t going to find a resource where you can get in-depth athletic training in a multitude of sports…. for one cost. In the times of “Specialization”, we want all kids to play as many sports as they enjoy.

Is this a website where I can promote or be recruited?

No. Our philosophy at 3 Sport is to produce better fundamentals out of our athletes. We will avoid being “Elite”, “Premiere”, or “Specialized”. We are going to stress being fundamentally sound so you can play to your potential when the time arises.

Can I get personal contact with the 3 Sport Coaches?

You can! After you create your membership, you will see the coach’s email address on their page. You can send them an email to request help from our coaches to make necessary corrections.

Multi-sport athletes?

No longer are coaches looking for “specialized” players to fill their team with. We want to expand this movement by “Specializing in the Multi-sport athlete.”

What ages is this for?

3 Sport Training is for all athletes that want to get themselves ready to play for a team.

How can I subscribe?

We have multiple membership plans. If you are only interested in one sport, you can subscribe for just that sport. Or you can also purchase a membership for All Sports.

How do I use the training videos?

It is quite easy. Our coaches have produced valuable video content on the fundamental and important skills of playing each of the sports that they coach. The earliest videos in each of their library will be the most fundamental. View, listen, and try to repeat what the coaches are teaching you in your own workouts.

How long will it take before I see positive results?

You must work at it to be successful. The results will depend on your commitment to the training. BUT, the topics that our 3 Sport coaches will teach you will help you become a “well-rounded” player in more than just one sport.

Will the training videos always be the same?

No. Our coaches will continue to update their training content throughout the season so you can benefit and continue to improve. We will also add guest coaches periodically to help you hear the various ways to make yourself a better, self-motivated, committed athlete that wants to make the team!

Will I need equipment that I may not have?

Most of the time the drills and skills that will be taught in our training videos will not require extra equipment. We want you to be able to improve at your game without many outside extras other than what you would normally use.

Can I do these workouts by myself?

Most of the time you will be able to watch our teaching videos and perform the activities on your own. If you have a partner/helper/coach you will be able to get more reps. More reps equal better skill development.